Why I Created The Pooper Scooper Starter Course

Twelve years ago when I started PetCorps Professional Pet Care, I was fortunate to locate a discussion board (forum) by veteran pooper scooper companies and for pooper scooper companies. The forum was available on https://pooper-scooper.com but today, it’s no longer in existence.

The forum was a place where newbies like myself would go to ask questions and do research about the pooper scooper industry while we were developing our businesses.

One major drawback to the forums was how surprisingly unhelpful they were. Don’t get me wrong, there was valuable information to be found there but some of the users were not at all helpful when a newbie would ask a question.

There was a rule of the forum…before asking a question, the veterans preferred that us newbies scour the archives for an answer. If none was found, only then could we ask a question.

But in asking the question, veterans would often grill us for further information such as where we were located. After all, no one wanted to share business info with someone working in their own backyard.

And even then, if we were considered worthy of a response, often the threads would get hijacked and soon, the answer you were hoping for was drowned out in irrelevant banter.

In spite of this, there were still a few helpful people who took time to nurture the newbies. But because of the arrogant bickering that also took place, I decided to leave the group, only checking in every now and then to see if I could contribute to someone’s business questions.

In 2013, I wanted to get on YouTube. I thought that if I could show people in my area what I do that they would sign up. But a funny thing happened…my video, A Day in the Life of a POOPER SCOOPER attracted a very different audience.

That audience was none other than entrepreneurs who desired to start similar businesses.

From then on, I started getting questions from all over.

So I decided to host a Google Hangout in 2015. It failed horribly.

I had scheduled the event and when I went to test it before going live, it actually began broadcasting my event. So I had to create a second hangout and everyone who had signed up to be on the call with me were unable to join.

Fortunately, they had submitted questions to me beforehand so I simply answered their questions during the broadcast.

After that, I started thinking about coaching future scoopers. I already had a few on my call list who I would talk to frequently.

It wasn’t until early this year when I sat in on a webinar with Amy Porterfield where I had the idea to create the Pooper Scooper Starter Course.

Amy showed me in that webinar how I could create a starter course that could help people get up and running in my niche. It didn’t have to be a full-fledged signature course. Just something that provided enough information and experience to help people get started.

So I sat down to brainstorm everything, at a minimum, that entrepreneurs would need to learn and do to get their businesses started. As soon as I had my list of topics, I began outlining the course and writing the course content.

And with just a few days before the first lesson, I am super excited to be sharing my experience with the first students to go through the course.

It’s going to be a great experience for them…it will be an amazing experience for me…I can’t wait to kick this off and see what happens next.

If you’re thinking about starting a pooper scooper business, there’s never been a better time than right now. The truth is there are plenty of poopers in the world and not nearly enough scoopers. Join the ranks of dog waste removal specialists by enrolling in The Pooper Scooper Starter Course.