Believe Bigger

Jesus once said, “When you pray, believe that you receive and you shall have it.”

Some people would call this the name it and claim it doctrine. That’s not what I am talking about.

Whatever we believe, that is what we will achieve in our lives.

Why is this true?

It is true because what we believe influences our thoughts. Our thoughts influence our actions. And our actions determine our results.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a state of perpetual mediocrity? What do I mean by this statement? I mean…have you ever reached a point in your business where you reached a plateau in the revenue you bring in or the number of clients you serve?

If so, you’ve probably asked the question, “Why can’t I get x-number more customers?”

The answer to that question is rooted in what you believe.

If you believe that you are capable of serving the exact number of customers you have now, you’ll never grow your business beyond that.

But if you believe that you can grow to a larger number, you’ll be surprised at what you can actually do.

That’s because your subconscious mind will go to work to make true whatever you believe.

Want to double or triple your business? First, you have to believe it is possible.

Then, you must determine what you must do to make it happen.

If you’re not happy where you are, check your beliefs first. And if you discover that your beliefs are limiting you to where you are now, change your beliefs.

But I can’t change my beliefs willy-nilly, now, can I?

Sure you can. Our beliefs change all the time.

What we believed when we were children is far different from what we believe as adults.

And as we learn and grow, new information has a way of shaping our beliefs, transforming us into new beings as we go along.

Have you ever held a belief that today you no longer hold? If so, that’s because your beliefs changed.

If you can change your beliefs, you can change your world.

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